Your First Meeting

When you arrive at the meeting house you will be welcomed at the door by a doorkeeper and shown where the meeting room is. If you are completely new to Quakers, you will be offered our explanatory leaflet.

Please feel free to sit anywhere you feel comfortable, though you might want to avoid the front bench facing the door where the Clerk and Elder sit.

During the meeting individuals may be moved to speak, to “give ministry”. Listen to all ministry in an open spirit and try to reach for the intention behind the words. Even if what is offered is not meaningful to you, it may be so for someone else.

Spoken ministry, inspired by Love, is very welcome. All of our lives are touched by God or the Divine. Even a few hesitant words from this deep place can be of great service.

Leave a generous period of silence after a previous spoken ministry so that it can be reflected on by everyone.

Please only speak once during a meeting to give others an opportunity to speak if they wish to.

Spoken ministry may build on previous ministry, but please remember it is never a discussion or debate.

Meeting has finished at the end of the hour when a nominated Elder shakes hands with those on either side of them we then all do the same.